Remember Gundu? She was recently released after treating her for a bad maggot infested ear.

Poor girl was in a hit and run the day before last night. I got a call from the guard early in the morning saying she’s not moving and not able to get up.

When will humans care about animals that don’t have homes ? When will they know it hurts them too? When will they ride and drive carefully enough? 💔

Upon reaching there I figured she was not able to move and we realised she looked paralysed from the back.

Sent her to the vet and got x-rays to reveal that she’s got a hook fracture on the spine. It will take about 10-15 days to heal and pain to subside. She won’t be able to get up till the pain subsides.
She’s not eating as of now and that’s because of the pain the vet’s so saddening because otherwise despite not having teeth she has a voracious appetite…

She’s such an old baby.. poor girl..and now this.
Pls pray she heals well and comes back to her territory soon. 🙏❤️

Help us help Gundu
GPAY on 9923334246

Thank you
In gratitude
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