karmanye foundation

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Raison d’etre


Reason for Being

karmanye, a non-profit organization (NGO/NPO) is setup to give an united identity to the relentless, selfless efforts of many volunteers who subscribe to the manifesto and perform with no righteousness to its fruits.

karmanye vadhikaraste, ma phaleshou kada chana

..you have the right to perform your actions, but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions.

ma karma phala hetur bhurmatey sangostva akarmani

..do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions, and therefore you won’t be attached to not doing your duty.

The message drives us to work for the voiceless and helpless street animals of Pune, in dire needs that circumstances pose them with. To work without being attached to the benefits of its outcome. To work without expecting nothing in return. To work with full belief, faith and determination, towards achieving intended goals.

Why animals?” you may ask! “And why not?” is what we respond..

“Animals have come to mean so much in our lives. We live in a fragmented and disconnected culture. Politics are ugly, religion is struggling, technology is stressful and the economy is unfortunate! What’s one thing that we have in our lives that we can depend on? An animal loving us unconditionally, every day, very faithfully!” – Jon Katz

Even Mahatma Gandhi has said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.” Animals are sentient living beings. They feel pain, just like humans do. Humans have a voice to be able to ask for help- animals don’t! We choose to be heir voice, today and always! The earth belongs to everyone, every species equally.

We believe that we must fight against the spirit of unconscious neglect cruelty with which we treat animals. They suffer as much as we do, maybe even more. True humanity does not allow us to impose such suffering on them. It is our duty to make the whole world recognize it. Until we extend our circle of compassion, to all living beings, humanity should not rest.

There are a lot of people working towards the welfare of humans, and we commend them! However, very few choose to work voluntarily towards the welfare of street animals. That is where we come in!

Karmanye came to life in 2011, when we rescued our first dog child off the streets of Pune. He was found tied to a pole, skinny and left to literally die. Looking after him and helping him bounce back to life, taught us that there is nothing as beautiful as helping a voiceless soul, to a second chance to life!

As we got deeper into the animal rescue and welfare world, along came our second dog child, who we rescued off the highway of Kharadi, in Pune. The condition that she was found in, (hairless, full of wounds and so tiny that she couldn’t walk more than a few steps at a a time),  even the vets had given up on her! But Not us!

She is now fit and a perfectly healthy grown up doggy! Touch-wood.

There we were, on a journey of trying our best to give second chances to voiceless souls! We became and remain their voice!

Would you like to help us help them? Would you like to walk with us on this journey?

Here is a little bit about what we do and how you can help:

  • We feed approximately 200 dogs daily.
  • We feed with a purpose; a purpose to get them sterilized (spayed and neutered), which in turn leads to lesser man- animal conflict and lesser puppies and dogs dying on the streets. Once they begin to trust us, after feeding for a few weeks, we get them caught for sterilization as well as get them vaccinated against rabies.
  • We rescue the injured and sick dogs off the streets and help them get back to life by admitting them in local shelters and taking them back and forth for vet visits.
  • We facilitate adoptions of Indian breed puppies with the mandatory process of form filling, address submission and house checks in place.
  • We are constantly looking for support from people who want to do their bit but aren’t able to do so physically. We are willing to be on ground and do the work, however, we appeal for funds to pay the veterinary and food bills.
  • You can direct the funds to any of the following: Us, the food distributor, the veterinary doctor.

Our transactions are extremely transparent. Bills, prescriptions and pictures are provided on every single rescue. We publish them on this website and share them with our donors as well. You can be rest assured, your money is being put to honest and good use.

Come, explore our world!

Write to us on karmanye.org@gmail.com if you wish to donate, to volunteer or if you wish to get associated with us in any manner you find it right.

Thank you and much love your way!


Come one, Come all. More the merrier. The gift of time is as important as the gift of honor.

Just give us a call if you are interested in lending us a hand in any of our projects.

All we seek is your time and commitment. Proactiveness and ability to lead from the front would be the only two prime qualities which can make you a successful karmanye volunteer. You must be the doer, who is a talker, and not the other way round.

For every team to achieve successful results, harmony is most important. While we have established ourselves in a certain manner of working methods, we are always open for change and willing to try something new as long as its focused on yielding results. We may not be flexible enough for an overhaul of thoughts and practices. Suggestions are welcome, provided they can backed by performance.

By this, we do not deter you from joining us, but in fact would like to encourage you to come and join the performing team. Things may not always be right, but if you can correct them, you are the one we are looking for.

Come aboard, you’re welcome!

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