karmanye foundation

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karmanye, a non-profit organization (NGO/NPO) is setup to give an united identity to the relentless, selfless efforts of many volunteers who subscribe to the manifesto and perform with no righteousness to its fruits.

karmanye vadhikaraste, ma phaleshou kada chana

..you have the right to perform your actions, but you are not entitled to the fruits of the actions.

ma karma phala hetur bhurmatey sangostva akarmani

..do not let the fruit be the purpose of your actions, and therefore you won’t be attached to not doing your duty.

This message was from Lord Krishna to the warrior, Arjuna during the Epic War of Mahabharat when Arjuna was not willing to fight, given that he had against him, all those persons he considers to be his own.

The message drives us to work for the people in dire needs that circumstances pose them with. To work without being attached to the benefits of its outcome. To work without expecting nothing in return. To work with full belief, faith and determination, towards achieving intended goals.

karmanye is a body that believes strongly in assisting the needy. While we do not tie up ourselves to one singular area of focus, we take up projects as opportunities present themselves. The projects have been of varying magnitude; some of which have lasted for a few weeks, as opposed to some, which have taken two monsoons. The group of karmanye volunteers vote for discretion of projects and once the decision is made, the work does not stop until we are finished. The criteria for discretion are simple and humane and the prioritization for funds disbursal is plainly based on the urgency, ingenuity & clinical assessment of the cases.

Primarily, karmanye has found itself attracted to 3 major areas of operation and duties, though not limited to the same:

  • Bal Vikas (child development, education, schooling, civics & hygiene, behavioral & social skills)
  • Pashu Seva (pet adoptions, sheltering & fostering, medical assistance, neutering strays)
  • Healthcare (assisting the needy with financial aids & family counseling)

Explore our world, write to us if you wish to donate or if you wish to volunteer or if you wish to get associated with us in any manner you find it right.

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