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Dear Friends,
Greetings for the day! We at Karmanye Foundation have resolved to work for peaceful co-existence of the urban intellectual human and the mis-understood street dogs. 
A street dog is THE most ignored and neglected animal. It chases cars, for one car had run over its beloved friend. It barks at people because it has trust issues, but soon surrenders when offered yummy food. It wanders about and enters gated communities looking for safe shelter, food and water. It fights other dogs because they must guard their territory for survival. It howls in pain and agony because no medical aid reaches in time.
It pains our hearts to see them struggle through the birth they have been gifted on the same planet, that we all share. In our ideal world, every dog has a home and has a family to spend the rest of its life in love & care, and there are no more left to suffer on the streets. We believe, our mission also solves one of the most commonly broadcasted problems of man-animal conflict – teach the man, tame the animal
To quote in spirit, Dr Lotay Tshering, Bhutan Prime Minister, Feb 2020 – “Bring home a street dog today and that would be the greatest gift one could give me and the countrymen of Bhutan on the occasion of my 40th birthday”
While there are Government channels which do their part, like every other social issue in our country, it is usually not enough. We would love it if you could join hands with our cause, and commit any little financial aid as you could

Karmanye works on the following 4 fronts to make sure that every needy dog gets what it deserves – take your pick! 

Donate – karmanye foundation

Section 8 Charitable Company
CIN : U85300PN2021NPL203519
TAN : PNEK19614A
Bank  details for donations:

Account Name :     Karmanye Vadhikaraste Foundation
Account Number :  50200061102586
IFSC code :   HDFC0000882
HDFC Bank Viman Nagar Branch Pune 411014

In prayers for all,
Team Karmanye

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