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If you ever thought twice, before making a donation to a NGO, wondering how your money would be used and you deferred your decision only on the basis of the trust factor, you can safely end that dilemma now. Karmanye brings to you an unique opportunity to participate in the projects actively when you extend your generous donations. See it for yourself, how the money is required and how do we function. Rest at ease knowing that your donations have ultimately reached only the needy and not some greedy evil pockets.

– Team Karmanye

Before we present our plea to seek donations, monetarily or in kind, we feel obliged to explain how funds are disbursed and consumed for karmanye activities. We are truly answerable to YOU, our generous donors, who identify with our work, and support us in more than many ways. We THANK YOU and though that seems less, please know that you will always be blessed and would always be in our prayers.

All funds disbursed to karmanye by donors are always issued a receipt of transaction. Funds can be donated in cash, cheque or online payment, the details of which are available below on this post. Every paisa that moves into this account is audited and credited in kind towards a donor’s account. A donor may specifically extend his/her funds with a directive to karmanye, to consume them for specific projects only. That is understandable and we do honor such requests. 

Consumption & disbursal of funds to projects is intimated to donors prior to its use. We usually send out a notification 4 to 5 days in advance with a simple purpose, that if you wish to join the project and participate in its execution yourself, for which your own donated money is being used, you are more than welcome. That ways we also get to demonstrate to you the way we function and our efficient means to use money wisely and diligently. Sanction of funds and encashment is limited to only TWO heads within the organization, to keep our transactions simple and accountable.

Bank  details for donations:

First Name: Tina
Last Name: Malkani
Account Number: 01481050030466
Bank: HDFC Bank
IFSC Code: HDFC0000148
MICR Code: 411240008
Branch: East Street, Pune
Delivery Option: Account Credit / Savings
City: Pune
State: Maharashtra
Country: India



Please fill in the form below to submit your details

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