It’s been nearly two months but i haven’t had the mental space (occupied with Pillu’s treatment and fund raising) to even post about him poor chap..
Zorro was spotted by a kind passerby who stopped when he saw Zorro dragging himself around. He asked around and happened to get my number and called me.

We picked him up and got his x-rays done. Luckily he has no break or crack but due to trauma he has spinal compression and the only way to heal that would be pain management and nerve tonic medication. Being a doggy who doesn’t like human touch he was getting a bit aggressive on touching him hence we couldn’t do any physio or anything.

However, within a month he made good progress and now after two months he’s even attempting to run around a bit. Just about two more weeks hopefully till he gains some more strength in his legs and we will release him in his territory.

There are so many like Zorro who are in a hit and run and in spite of people seeing them they don’t even stop to inquire or help.

When will humans understand and realise that we aren’t the only important species in this universe?

Thank you to the kind human who stopped and called me. Stay blessed 💞🙏

Please help me with Zorros treatment and shelter fees .
GPAY on 9923334246 🙏
All donations are tax exempt.
An 80G receipt will be provided.

Thank you
In gratitude
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