Arjun is a community doggy in my house help’s area.
She reported him to me last evening in an immobile state.
Apparently he has been in a hit and run a few days ago but appeared out of hiding only last evening.

Got him picked up and checked ..a few x-rays done and we got to know he has broken his leg at the hip and ball and socket joint.

He will need surgery eventually but we have to manage his pain first. He is continuously crying in pain. 😢
He is on saline with meds for pain management..once that is slightly under control we will get a better idea of his real state.

Please send him healing and pray for Arjun to be pain free and healed 🙏❤️ 🐾

Help us help Arjun 🙏
GPAY on 9923334246

All donations are tax exempt and you will receive an 80g receipt 🙏🐾❤️

Thank you in advance
In gratitude
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