Bholi is not doing ok 😦
Below are her latest reports. Her kidney is failing and she has stopped eating.
Her cancer has spread all over her body.

However, she doesn’t seem in pain or distress.
We are now trying a slightly different treatment which began the day before yesterday..we will give it a shot for this week and do the blood test again.

This weekend I will take a call if we should release her from her suffering or then leave her back in her territory where she has friends and can be there itself till nature takes its course. (She may have a painful and stretched death but she will be in her surroundings with her doggy friends)

Some decisions are so tough- this one is one of them.

She was admitted on the 6th –
(All bills available on request – have also posted them before on another post)
Transport – Rs 1200
Each day at the shelter – Rs 400
Saline morning and evening daily – Rs 1000
Vet visits+ blood tests up to now – Rs 5609
‼️Rs 19,409 till date and ticking‼️

Please please help us help Bholi 
GPAY on 9923334246

Thank you in advance
In gratitude

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