This is Chotu. He lives in my society and I’ve known him for over 7 years now.
For the last whole week , he was Puking after every meal.
Initially i thought it’s the weather change or acidity so tried onsite treatment but then the Puking did not stop. .. sometimes bile sometimes food ..

Got him caught and checked up. His values are elevated in the liver..which will hopefully be taken care of by medicines.

He’s Mr Smartypants! Any medication i give him has to be given very stealthily or else he would sniff it out . Many times the medicine was not ingested and it would go waste..hence it is imperative to have him admitted for the course of the medication.

Hoping his vomiting stops and it’s not something that has further complications.

Not all cases are severe but it’s money spent nevertheless..
Rs 1200 transport one way + 4600 at the vet for the various tests and medication+ Rs 400 a day stay.
He has to be there for a minimum of 15 days.

Please help me help Chotu 🙏
Gpay on 9923334246

Thank you
In gratitude

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