11th March 2023 – This is how my Saturday night looks 🫣
Sitting and making a list of the rescues I’m single handedly handling and figuring out the bills and wondering where the funds will come from 🙂

The first slide states the ongoing cases I have ..the next three slides are a quarter of the bills I’ve received till now..of just three of them..
It’s those + transport+ vet bills ..so yes…you get the drift…

But…i know the universe is kind and the universe always, always provides for all my babies. When there’s a good intent in place, no one and nothing can stop the work from happening…

So there..i will sleep tonight knowing that these bills will be taken care of and all the kiddos admitted will heal and be released soonest .

Please do spare a little and help us help them 🙏
GPay on 9923334246.

If you would like to directly pay the foster or the vet that’s perfectly fine too ..let me know and i shall pass on the details.

Thank you in advance
In Gratitude

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