This gentle boy lives at a construction site and is loved by one and all there.
Last night I got a frantic call by the guard there that Pillu is not moving at all and is just lying at one spot.
Last morning he was alright but by night he wasn’t in a good state.

On getting there i saw him lying helplessly poor thing wondering what happened to him 😦 one knows if he’s been hurt or hit .. but he’s just not able to stand

Got him picked up and examined at the vet
No fractures in his x-rays so we are suspecting spinal compression caused by an accident or a hit.
He’s eating well and has been given an injection..and his blood reports are awaited.
He is under observation for 24 hours and we will then know the course of action.

He is my 6th case in 5 days.
He is also at a private foster and i don’t know how long he will stay there.

Please help me help Pillu and more like him 🙏
Gpay on 9923334246
Thank you in advance
In gratitude
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