This gentle sweetheart is Bholi. True to her name, she’s such a timid soul..
I’ve known her for over 10 years her spayed back in the day and have been looking after and feeding her since then..
She’s about 12 years old.

I noticed recently that she had a slight swelling in her neck area and her speed of eating had reduced. In a day or two she started to eat well again but the swelling remained.
And once again in a few days she stopped eating completely and did not eat for two days in a row.

Got her picked up and sent for a diagnosis
Turns out her lymph nodes are very swollen and she has Cancer called lymphoma ๏’”

Her blood work is also not good and she is in kidney failure ๏’”
her creatin levels rose in 12 hours..we will be monitoring it regularly..

There is nothing that can be done for her lymph nodes as of now because any medication given will affect the kidneys further the prognosis is not good ๏ฅบ

We are doing our best to flush out the toxins by giving her saline twice a day ..she’s not been eating yet..and when she did ..she threw up ๏ฅบ

Please help us help Bholi ๏™
Gpay on 9923334246

Send love and healing to Bholi that whatever the outcome is, is for her best.
She’s lived a decent life on the streets and has experienced love and care.. i don’t want her to suffer now and /or be in pain.
I’m sure the universe has her plans for her.

Thank you
In Gratitude
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