I got a call about Rano being in a car hit two days ago. When i went to see her she looked her happy self but was limping. Gave her a painkiller for two days in a row to see if there was any improvement but today we noticed that there was swelling and she just wasn’t putting her leg down.

She’s a friendly girl but was very scared since she was in pain and wouldn’t allow us to lift her up. We strategised and somehow with the guards help we managed. Off she went to get an x-ray which revealed that it’s a fracture but luckily it’s not one that will need surgery.

She’s been put in a cast and will need 30 days cage rest . Yes 30 full days. That’s Rs 400*30 🙈..+ transport+ vet fees. (Attached here)

Looking to raise Rs 15,000 to help Rano.
Would you help me raise it please ?

How you can help:

1. Gpay me on 9923334246
2. Pay the foster for howmany ever days you like – directly. I will provide the payment details
3. Pay the vet directly – i will provide the details
4. Pay the ambulance service directly – will provide details
5. SHARE this post so it reaches people who resonate with it and help us help Rano 🙏

The universe will provide. I know it 💜🐾

Thank you in advance
In gratitude

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