This is our Oldie Goldie Gundu Ma- as we call her. She’s nearly 16 years young!
I met her 12-13 years ago…she was one of the first doggies i started feeding.
Even though we’ve moved out of her area 6-7 years ago…we still look after her by providing food and medical assistance whenever needed to the whole brood there.

The universe has been kind to have planted some beautiful souls in the same society who also feed and keep a keen eye on all of them and alert me when something is not right. ..
Last week I received a message that Gundu ma wasn’t looking good and since then we’ve kept a keen eye and this morning I received a call that she was stinking bad and had a bad bad maggot wound which wasn’t seen before today.

It’s under her ear flap and shes not a very touchy feely doggy so she can’t be touched regularly to check her.  She’s also deaf now and can’t see too clearly. But she’s otherwise feisty and has a good appetite touchwood. 🧿

She was caught this afternoon and has been sent to a private foster for treatment and care. Please send her love and good wishes. We want Gundu ma to be back to her home real soon 

Each day at the foster is going to cost Rs 400 + transportation two ways is Rs 2000 one way+ medication

We don’t know how long she will need to stay there.
For now we know she’s in good hands and is receiving the timely care she needs.

Old /senior dogs have a special place in my heart❤️ they are so vulnerable and they just know that we mean good and allow us to take care of them ..

Please donate for Gundu ma 🙏
Gpay on 9923334246

Thank you in advance
In gratitude
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