Update on the GASTRO/PARVO pups

Out of the 9 that there were, 5 have made it through.
The heart aches and breaks for the ones that fought and fought and yet didn’t make it 💔… But unfortunately that’s what we call the “survival of the fittest” to be !

So now 5 of them are back with their mother. She was run over by a bike and being taken to the vet daily for dressing etc and she has healed too. Out of the 5, 2 have tick fever and are on oral medication but are active and eating touchwood.

A huge thank you to Sangeeta, Warada and Rajesh for the parts that you’ll played and continue to play in their lives 🙏You’ll have no idea what a big support system you’ll have been for these beautiful tiny souls and their mother . Gratitude 🙏❤️

The bills that you see at the end of this reel (hold your finger on the screen to pause) amount to Rs 28,000.
There’s plus transport which is about Rs,5000 totally up and down the hospital about 3-4 times.
Plus one of the pups had a fracture and then Parvo so her treatment and private foster care Rs 10,000 (yet to receive the bill)
That makes it a total of Rs 42,000.

Please come forward and help us help them 🙏
GPAY on 9923334246

Thank you and in gratitude, always,
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