Like every year on Diwali..i set out to distribute some gifts in love , cash and kind to all the #hoomansofkarmanye

All those unsung heroes who help me on a daily basis , all those with whose help i would not be able to function

All the humans who are security guards, tapri walas and maids who take up helping me to feed as a part time job.
One may think it’s a quick buck they make, but trust me more than just wanting to make that quick buck they are full of love, compassion and real humanity that is much needed for what they do.

They are the ones who are on the ground with the dogs under my care and look out for them, feed them and report to me if anything goes wrong with any one of them.

So as a small token of #gratitude i set out every Diwali and a few other occasions as well with little gifts for them to keep them motivated and also to let them know that they deserve to celebrate festivities the most..

This post isn’t to show off what i do, I’m sure there are many more humans who can do and do much more , but this post is just to motivate those who are waiting to take that first step to make their helps feel special that one time in a year if not more..the smiles that light up their eyes are worth more than any light you see during Diwali! ✨

Thank you universe – they are, therefore I am 🙏


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