As mentioned earlier, Whitey is one of the dogs who I sent for sterilisation at a popular shelter and she came back paralysed – no one knows how!

She’s been at a private foster for this entire month and has undergone laser, physio and accupressure treatment for all this time
We do see an improvement in her..she’s now able to sit (though with all her fours down), but she’s able to drag herself and unlike earlier has gained little strength also and is able to stand a few seconds when physio is being done…

I’m going to take all it takes to have this sweetheart of a girl back on her feet
She’s in this state for absolutely no fault of hers..

The foster costs me Rs 500 a day+ the laser treatment+ x-rays etc+ transport every time she goes for her treatment to the vet
She also had a blood infection and was treated for the same with injectables and medication there after

The vet says she will stand for sure but it might take some time ..I’m willing to give it all the time it takes..

No clue how I’m going to be able to pay for it all but as always i know it will happen 
Will provide all bills and receipts as usual.

Please help us help Whitey
Gpay on 9923334246

Thank you
In gratitude

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