Our dearest old boy, Yogi, passed away today… Quietly without a noise.

The videos of him eating are from yesterday and the day before yesterday..

We don’t know what happened… He was found this afternoon when it was too late to do anything.

Yogi was old..very old..
It just breaks my heart that even though he took such a big surgery so well, he died of reasons unknown now..after about 3 months.

I’m trying not to grieve, but to celebrate the few painless months he received after his surgery. He knew he was loved and cared for. That gives me some solace.

Run free my boy. You are loved. So loved. Gone but never forgotten. ⭐

I’ll meet you on the other side, with all my others who you must have met already ❤️

Shine on ✨
With all my love,

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Yogi – just the previous night