Update : 20th March 2017

Our darling Paapi is back to her home ground. She was received with lots of love from her friends and joined her pack. She has healed and we pray she stays well and has a beautiful life ahead.

Thank you Dr.Madhavi , Vinod and all our donors – Without the support of you guys this would not have been possible.

With lots of love and blessings from Paapi and her friends ♡♡

Update – Friday,3rd March 2017

I have been visiting Paapi daily with liver suppliments and vitamin with a mid day meal.

She is doing much better by the grace of God and Dr.Madhavi’s treatment.

She has been through two cycles of chemotherapy and she is already doin much much better. Her tumor has reduced a lot in size.

She is now on a break of one week and then we will check if she needs another round of chemotherapy.

We have received donations from a lot of kind hearted people. You know who you are and this is a BIG BIG thank you to each one of you who made a contribution in cash and prayers as well.

I will be posting Paapis pictures soon and will be back with another and hopefully a last update before she is released into her home ground ♡


We have known Paapi ever since she was a scared little baby who would be bullied by my other streeties.

We had to literally keep food and walk far away before she even came close and ate if she was lucky enough not to be attacked by the others.Ever since then , she has never allowed us to touch her. Always hops around us.. comes close and the minute we reach out a hand..shes gone! Almost like she teases us.

So , paapi , had puppies! Who by the grace of God , got adopted. 2 were left behind and are now 8 months each- both have been spayed and live happily with the gang.

There was no way we could let Pappi get pregnant again! So we tried a few times , with and without sedatives and other measures, but in vain.

Then with the help of Vinod, (Petsforce shelter) we got a particular gel that makes the dogs drowsy and they have no energy to run away. We were successful this time. Picked her up. Put her in the car and off to Petsforce we went to get her spayed and as thought that as usual like with other dogs she will be back to her homeground in a weeks time.

Unfortunately during the surgery the Vet realized she has Pyometra .

What is Pyometra?

This link will tell you all about it :


And as we were informed by the vet that she will be on medication for a maximum of 2 weeks and she should be good to be released .

Its been 3 weeks and Paapi isn’t home yet. Shes still at the shelter.

We had Dr,Madhavi , come check her and are now informed she has transmissible venereal tumors (TVTs),

Now what is TVT?

This link will tell you all about it :


So yes, now Paapi needs to undergo  3 rounds of chemotherapy and is at the shelter.

We go daily to give her , her dose of vitamins, liver tonic and some chicken.

Today was her first chemo injection.  The prescription is 1 injection per week.

The vet seems confident that she will be fine and that her case is not as bad as many of the others she has seen so far.

We will continue to go daily till she is there. She is a strong girl. She will be fine and back to her home ground real soon.

Donation Appeal :

These are the expenses we have already incurred. Bills can/will be provided.

Blood test : Rs.1100

Each Chemotherapy injection , once weekly : Rs.700 (roughly hoping 3 weeks only)- Rs.2100

Food Daily for 1 month : Rs.900

Medicines daily (liver tonic and vitamin tablets) – for a month- Rs.600

Stay at the shelter : Rs.1000 per week. She has been there 4 weeks already- another 3- 4 weeks to go- approx Rs.8000.

Total as on today , 17th February 2017 – Rs.4700 + 4000 stay = Rs .8700

Plus another 3- 4 weeks approx of stay – Rs.3000- 4000

If you do want to help Paapi, please click on this link :


Thank you and Dog bless in advance!