I feed a lot of streeties in my area…I’ve honestly even lost count of the number. It’s been long now and they all know me very well and yet there are a few of them, inspite of knowing me years don’t let me even touch them.

Once in a way I powder them (anti tick / flea powder), deworm them and comb them. These are dogs living on the streets and in all honestly we got to be practical and hence they are not really groomed regularly.. they groom themselves and somehow have never been dirty as such.

They hurt themselves once in a way and I treat them, take them to the vet and life goes on.

Recently one of the doggies who does not let me touch her ( and hence she hasn’t been spayed yet) ,gave birth to a litter.. as usual I fed her a little extra as I knew she was nursing etc .

A few days after she gave birth I noticed she had a wound on her back. A small one. Now it is very tough to medicate this one because she does not let me anywhere close to her even ,so I have to apply all kinds of tricks and mind games to be even able to spray the wound or apply some cream/powder to it.

Somehow I managed to do that and it went on for a week but I noticed that the wound not only increased in size but also starated to multiply . ( refer pics)

On inquiring further and asking a vet and an animal rescue volunteer ,I was asked to deworm her !!

Deworm!! Could these ” wounds ” be because she has not been dewormed for a while !?I seriously had my doubts but I decided to give it a shot nevertheless as I would not lose anything in the bargain.

So in some yummy chicken went about 3 tablets of de worming ย ( she is about 25-30 kgs)- it is 1 tablet per kg.

She gulped the tablets with the chicken and off she went to her puppies.

I decided to wait and watch and continued to spray and powder the wounds… and within not even a weeks time ,the wounds had started to dry up and even heal !!

So yes,not being dewormed can have all these effects!

There is of course a lot of information available online and with your vets! I’d definitely go with the latter for any kind of treatment.

However reading and gaining some information did no one any harm ๐Ÿ™‚

So now whitey Is all healed , dewormed and healthy.

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚