Here goes a big thank you, warm wishes and a lot of blessings from those who cannot speak, yet emote to the fullest. During our run working with animal welfare, we have come across very few organizations or individuals who can reason and identify with our cause. The problem does not matter as much as the willingness to work towards the solution.

We at karmanye would like to thank SA technologies wholeheartedly for their generous contribution in getting us food for the stray dogs, medicines and first aid care materials. May you be blessed forever!

thank you satin corp

Thank you to each one of you!

  • Mr Manoj Joshi
  • Mr Bhavin Goda
  • Mr Harshvardhan Dadoo

..for facilitating our cause and reimbursing our expenses.

Thank you SA!

SA Technologies – : Suite 204, World Trade Center, Opp. EON IT Park, Kharadi, Pune, Maharashtra 411014


Street dogs are not a menace. Urbanization, improper disposal of garbage, inability to effectively sterilize dogs and several such reasons which are human-created are the cause of their population explosion. Having acknowledged that, it becomes the duty of us humans to look after the animals who cannot talk, and complain. Dogs – of all the creatures – who have time and again proven to be man’s best friend deserve a fair chance to life and an equal right to this planet Earth. We are doing our bit to contain the situation by medically treating their wounds, injuries, conducting sterilization programs, feeding the dogs so that their hunger does not drive them crazy. There is lot’s to be said, and more to be done. There are way too many unsolved problems. Join us in our endeavor! – in whatever form suitable to you.

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