A good deed brightens a dark world!
Please do your good deed this Diwali and brighten JABYA’S world 🙏🌻
JABYA has been moved to a private foster. He was admitted at the clinic for 5 days and now will be taken to the clinic every three days for a check up till he heals.

Attached is the bill paid at the clinic for JABYA till yesterday. Going further, it is Rs 400 a day till he heals.

Please please come forward and help me help Jabya recover

Gpay on 9923334246 🙏
With the sheer number of cases and the dwindling funds it’s a worry some Diwali 😔
The universe has never failed us and we are banking on her this time too.
Please do donate for Jabya and share this post if you can 🙏
Thank you
In gratitude
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