October 22, 2022- Supposed to be happy festivities
Not for Ginger 🥺

She’s got bad bad congestion and has been admitted because she needs nebulization twice a day.

Poor girl has been in and out of hospital since the last 3 months
She was sent for sterilsation which wasn’t done well and hence her stitches got infected and took almost a month to heal
When she came back from there she was almost immediately diagnosed with BABESIA TICK FEVER and hence was admitted then too
She came back 3 days ago and now she has such bad congestion so she’s sent again

She’s so so sweet by nature, so gentle, so soft, soo timid .. it’s too sad to see her helpless.

The good thing is she has her appetite and is eating well thank god!

Please send her good vibes and healing ❤️🙏🪔

Please help me help GINGER
Gpay on 9923334246 🙏

Thank you in advance
In gratitude
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