Hope and her recently born 9 puppies was found abandoned by a cruel human two nights ago in one of the areas i feed …
Some very kind and compassionate people from the slums around saw the cruel act but before they could stop the car or do anything the person sped away leaving her and her pups in the middle of the road.

These kind people at once picked up the pups and Hope followed them…they built a temporary shelter and called me first thing in the morning..(all of them have my number by now)- i went onsite to understand the situation better and today we built this comfortable warm shelter for her and her pups…

Food has been provided and pups will be looked after.
What can we even do? What choice do we have ? We will do our best and leave the rest to the universe.

The puppies have not even opened their eyes fully yet, they have no clue about this big bad world they have been born into ๐Ÿ’”…
They will need to be moved to a safer location soon because this is on the footpath of a busy road but as of now we did the best we could and the pups won’t move out for sometime atleast.

I will get her sterilised as soon as the pups are off her milk..so that there is no more torture that she goes through.

She is such a gentle soul , it’s heartbreaking to even think that someone took advantage of her gentleness and cheated her so so bad. Left her in such a vulnerable state in an area she has no clue off. Such humans make my faith dwindle each day.

On the other hand, i’ve named her Hope- because i see hope in the humans who have no wealth in cash but soo wealthy in their heart – they took her in immediately and did what was right.
Thank you universe. Please keep Hope and her pups in your thoughts and prayers ๐Ÿ™
We will post their adoption appeals soon.
In gratitude
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