Penning down just a few reasons for one to never buy a puppy from a breeder:

1. Indigenous dogs thrive in their own land. Indian pariah dogs are best suited for the climate and other conditions of our country. Most times, they require almost no “maintainance” in terms of health.

2. 99.99% breeders in this country don’t have a license. We wonder why right ? Coz of the stuff they do behind closed doors.

3. They use “RAPE STANDS”- yes that’s what they are called. You can find them on Amazon. RAPE STANDS.

4. The female is fixed into it and made to mate with her – brother, father, son.

5. Her babies are seperated from her within 25 days snatching them away from the nutrition they deserve from mother’s milk. That is why many breed pups bought from breeders end up with some or the other health issue.

6. Once the mother is used about 8-9 times or maybe more to produce pups and thereafter cannot produce, she is “thrown” on the highway to die.

7. That is when, we, the #adoptdontshop brigade comes in and takes these animals in and cry our throats dry begging humans not to buy lives because untill there is DEMAND there will be SUPPLY.

8. A dog is a dog is a dog. Each one will give you equal love.

Trust me this is not even 10% of the horror they go through behind closed doors. #backdoorbreeding

Be Desi. Adopt Desi.