Amber had her surgery on the 14th of July. The surgery went well. She now has a plate inserted in her leg.

She was a bit critical on day one as she had a lot of blood loss and suspected tick fever.

On getting her blood reports it was determined that she does not have tick fever, however a very low count of hemoglobin and other parameters. She was in critical care for two days but is stable now.

I met her and shifter her to a foster where she will have to be on medication and restricted movements for the next 15 days after which we will have a follow up.

She was sooo excited to see me and tried her best to jump and hug me like she always does but poor girl isn’t allowed to jump just as yet so I was busy holding her down and taking tok many pictures was tough.

Here is her Xray and blood reports and a smiling Amber for you all. Please keep her in your prayers and send her healing vibes. A huge huge thank you to each one of you who donated for this sweet sweet girl โค๏ธ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿงฟ