Update on SANIA
Took her to the vet this morning. She has a different issue now. We have no idea how it happened or if it happened because of a nerve  being pinched while her treatment happened yesterday.
Her non injured paw – the other leg- has been knuckling- which means twisting outwards when she walks and because of that it’s been scraping on the ground causing injury!!
So the stitches are fine and she will heal from that but this nerve thing is something to worry about!! Ive had three dogs in my care before this, all accident cases who knuckled and eventually we had to ampute the whole leg. 😦
I’m hoping and praying that what’s happening to Sania is a temporary reaction to the inflammation in her thigh which could have happened yesterday while she was held tight while suturing the gash.
She has been admitted to @petsforcepune and will be looked after well there with her medication and dressings to be done regularly.
I will definitely need help with this . Pls pls come forward and help Sania .
GPAY on 9923334246. Every penny counts ❤️
Thank you in advance
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