SWIPE ๏‘‰ Graphic content. Images of blood.
Another day. Another case. ๏’”
This is Sania. She’s a resident of my society and I look after her.
Last evening I got a frantic call from the security guard telling me Sania has cut herself and the blood isn’t stopping. They had done their best to go ahead and do first aid before calling me. Good humans.
When I saw her, the blood was just gushing out.. like a tap. Somehow we managed to stop it for a bit and tied a bandage around it but soon enough it started to rush out again. Realising it could have been an artery that’s been hit, we rushed her to a vet where she got 3 stitches poor girl. Brave Sania took them on without anesthesia even. She’s back to the society bandaged up but she’s looking uncomfortable. Will take her again today to get the bandage tied in a way that’s comfortable and yet isn’t going to come off.
Send her healing vibes. She needs it. ๏’™๏งฟ
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