Recently, many animal welfare volunteers have been complaining of harassment by people when they go out to feed street dogs during this lockdown period.

Why feeding of stray dogs is particularly important right now –

  1. With tapris, restaurants and college canteens shut, street animals are deprived of their regular sources of food and are starving.
  2. Starving dogs may become a safety hazard for the public. They may jump on people carrying grocery bags in a desperate attempt to procure food
  3. They will look for food in roadside garbage heaps and start protecting their food source – anyone passing by will be considered a threat and they may attack them
  4. It is always safer to have a well fed, healthy dog in your neighborhood instead of a hungry, hostile one.
  5. Whether they are fed or not, these dogs will always remain in this area as this is their territory – even if they’re not fed they won’t go anywhere else as other dogs will attack them outside their territory. It is a misconception that dogs will magically disappear from your area if no one feeds them – they will find food somehow or the other but won’t leave.

This is why the District Collector has issued feeder passes to animal lovers to allow them unrestricted movement to feed street animals during the lockdown. Even the police have realised the importance of feeding hungry animals for public safety and have been asking us to provide dog food in some chowkies in sealed areas. We also provide food to sanitation and SWACH workers, to security staff and remaining hostel students in the college campuses in Deccan area – so that no one has to walk or drive long distances to feed the animals.

Please explain this to your elderly family members and friends. For some weird reason, there are people who get enraged when they see a stray dog being fed – it’s impossible to explain the concept of compassion to such people – maybe they will be more understanding if they’re told it’s a matter of public safety.?

A big thanks to all those who have donated generously for the dog food. –

Source: Facebook, Sushma Date.