Help us help Daisy!

Daisy was admitted to private foster and vet about 2 weeks ago.
She had something called aural hematoma..which is an ear hematoma – a collection of blood under the skin of a dog’s ear flap. This condition is easy to spot as the swelling is usually extreme. Ear hematomas can be extremely painful for dogs and we admitted her trying antibiotics at first. .
When the antibiotics did not help and dry the ear out…we had to opt for surgery. The pics that you see here are during her surgery and the bill after.
The surgery costed RS 3000 and her stay is at RS 300 day. She has already been there for 12 days and has about 10-12 more to go to heal completely and be released back to her spot.
Daisy is a gentle gentle old girl.. tiny in size and a total sweetheart. She literally appeared out of no where on one of my feeding rounds and came to me as if to say “help me”.. how could I say no to those beautiful eyes. đź’›
Please help me pay Daisy’s bills. You can either ping me for my Google pay number or I could give you the fosters number and you could pay them directly or the link for donation and other work we do for animals is in my bio.
Thank you to all of you who come forward and help.. without you all we would not be able to help these gentle helpless souls.
Much love! .
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