This is a donation appeal for these two cases who are at a private foster care trying to recover from their miserable conditions.
1. Grey – this girl is an absolute sweetheart. I feed her regularly. She is Sterilized and vaccinated. On Saturday when I met her she seemed very very low and would not eat. She wanted to run away from me and not even come close. She had various symptoms when I finally was able to catch her: high fever, slightly disorientated, eye discharge and today nasal discharge as well. The vet has started her on medication for DISTEMPER. Please send her all the healing vibes you can ๐Ÿ™
2. Johnny- So while I was picking up Grey girl, this tanker driver came to me frantically asking for help for Johnny. I went with him into the basti to have a look at Johnny and see if we could treat him onspot. However when we saw him, we realized he is about 13 years old and has a horrible skin infection. If he wasn’t treated immediately he would have maggot wounds! Picked him up, put him into the ambulance and off to the private foster care to recover!
We will have to run blood tests which cost RS 1000 each.
Each day at the foster is RS 300.
We don’t know how long they will be there.
Plus, the medication and vet charges.
At this moment I cannot say how much the expense will be, all I know it will be a LOT and I will need help from all you wonderful people who always support our streeties when they are in dire need.
You could either give it to me or directly to the foster. Either way that you are comfortable with.

The link for donation is here:


Thank you thank you thank you in advance