Max and Buddy

Say hello to Max and Buddy. Brothers .
Opposite personalities.
They are the only two that survived out of a litter of 8 , before we could get the mother Sterilized.
Max is super jumpy and hates being even touched. He will come for food daily and eat from next to me but the minute I reach out to touch him .. woops! He’s gone ! Max is the one with the heart on him🐾 ❣️ we somehow did manage to catch him and got him sterelised and vaccinated. Phew ❣️🐾
Buddy is my super friendly , loving , full of kisses and hugs for me kind of boy.. very friendly by nature and loves being cuddled. A very tall boy, often mistaken to be vary of, but he’s a gentle giant 🐾❣️ he is Sterilized and vaccinated too 🐾❣️
You must Sterilize and vaccinate your street doggies..if you don’t know how , then find out about your local NGOS and Volunteers and reach out to them .
Do your bit ❣️🐾❣️
How I wish these two would have found their forever homes , they would be such wonderful home doggies 🐾❣️

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