It’s extremely heart breaking and that is why I haven’t been able to make myself to write this here.

We lost Mouni a few weeks ago. It was a hit and run. 😦 Her caretaker -the tapri owner was in tears and found it so difficult to cope with the news .

We lost Lily three days ago. She was found dead with her mouth bleeding in the morning. We suspect a snake bite. She was the best looking indian doggy there was, so healthy , so so loving and giving..

It is extremely extremely difficult and heartbreaking to accept the loss of healthy, sterelised and vaccinated babies , specially when they have been doing so well and are loved so so much by everyone around.

But alas , such is the life of the Indian street doggies.

We must do as much as we can , as a supposedly evolved species, to make their lives as comfortable as possible while their time on this planet. After all, in the name of God, lies Dog.

Rest in Peace my Mouni and my Lily. It will take a very very long time to accept that you are not amonsgt us.

Heaven has earned two beautiful shining stars. I look up to you’ll daily. I hope you’ll know that and see me too.

Love you babies. Try and rest in eternal peace.

Lily is the black and white one. This was her reunion with her mother, Julie after she was back from sterelisation.

This is Mouni. Her reunion with her caretaker after she was back from sterelisation.