Pune Municipal Corporation

Dog Department

ABC Dog Rules 2001, section 38, (1))

Stray Dogs catching rules

Pube Municipal Corporation conducts ABC as per ABC dog rules 2001. Accordingly sterilzation surgery is performed on stray dogs. The left ear of the stray dog is notched that indicates the dog has been sterlized. After 5 days of this operation the stray dog is left back from where it was picked up.

Please do not ask the PMC dog catchers or force them to pick up the following dogs:
1) Lactating female dogs and their puppies
2) Puppies less than 6 months old
3) Sterilized dogs
4) Picking dogs from one place and
moving them to another place (relocation)
5) Removing the dogs from their location
to outside the city limits
6) Dogs bark, make noise, they disturb our
sleep. These are not to be given as
complaints since this is natural
behaviour of dogs.

After your complaint is received it will be looked into within 7 days by your particular ward office health department and will be dealt with as per the ABC Dog Rules 2001

Please register your complaint in your ward office.

Health Officer Municipal