We met little Snow when we moved in to our new apartment about 4 months ago. When we first saw him we realised he was probably the runt of the litter. Malnourished , scared and always hiding & running away from humans, but with the brightest sparkle in his eyes always !

We took it upon us to look after the pack , get them to decent health , sterelise and vacvinate them .

Things were going well ,Snow was in amd out of health but beginning to gain some weight and we thought he had some hope…until one morning we found him back to square one , weak , lost weight in one night literally and unable to move much.

Rushed him to the vet , gAve a blood sample to test and put him on saline to give him some strength as he wasn’t even eating much.

While we waited fot the report to arrive in the evening ,Dr Khalapure  ( the vet) had already begun preventive and supportive medication as he did suspect – tick fever.

We brought him back home ,kept him in a safe corner , covered , and with water around. Requested the guard to keep an eye and went down to watch him hourly.

Poor boy was really unwell. Drank some water, tried walking around and sat back in the corner.

By 3 pm that afternoon , the guard came up to tell me our little Snow had passed away. Even before the reports could come in,snow had left us. ( the reports later confirmed tick fever)

It was so heart breaking to see his little lifeless body , given up, but hopefully in a better place without any pain and not having to live a life on cruel streets .

We lay him to rest close by and promised to watch over his pack always.

Rest in forever peace my little snow,  you took a piece of my heart with you. ♡