We ,Karmanye Foundation are mentoring three smart children from a very reputed international school ,for their community project on “street dog sterelisation”..

Our role is to facilitate them in their learnings on the importance of being compassionate human beings and full filling our duty as citizens of this country to be care givers to our street animals.

After our first session together and learning about the pros of sterelisation of street dogs , they chose the topic of- street dog sterelisation.

Their role is to identify street dogs in an area,  raise awareness amongst the community and collect funds for the same.

They are facilitating us (Karmanye Foundation )for the sterelisation of at least 5 street dogs.

What bright children these are and here’s hoping that this spark that’s been ignited stays for good and we have at least three more compassionate adults who are compassionate enough to do good for our animals.

All the best darlings. You’ll are the future this world needs.

Needless to say , we will be more than happy to assist other schools and children  too for the same. So ,do spread the word and let us know if we could help in any way.

Anytime and anything for our animals ! 🤗