So after this :

Laila stopped eating.  She even stopped drinking her favourite butter milk or eating chicken which she drools over. She would just turn her face and walk off. She seemed OK otherwise but would not even eat her regular meals .

She vomited . She had VERY loose green motions with big tape worms 😦 poor girl how uncomfortable that must be !

Luckily I was there while all this was happening. Something told me that I should go earlier than usual today and check on her. There was a doctor on house at that time and he gave her an antibiotic injection too. The moment he saw her motions he told me to rush her to a clinic to get further treatment and saline.

Rushed her to Dr Ankush in Koregaon park where she was checked for fever . Thank God there was none.

The vet mentioned that due to chemotherapy the system sometimes reacts and they do temporarily stop eating.

He then administered 300 ml of saline. Sweet girl that she is ..sat quietly through the 3 hours we were there ..did not want me to move from her peripheri. The moment I did she got up to check where I was.  This girl who never let me touch her in 5 years was letting me hold her and comfort her . Laila you are loved…a lot.

By the time the saline was being administered I reported the case to ResQ.

This is the link and you must use it even if it’s an emergency.
This was my first time and I was nervous of not getting a response but boy was I impressed or what! Within 7 minutes of me submitting the case I got a call back asking for details and within 10.mins I was told that she can be sent.

I quickly typed out a detailed email to them stating all that is going on with Laila and also arranged for an ambulance.

In about 20 minutes ,Laila was on her way to ResQ to be cured forever,  I am sure.

Her case number is 1605. So incase any of you want to find out or go and visit her it would be fantastic .

Please note that all the donations we have received till date I will be forwarding to ResQ for Laila’s treatment so that she gets nothing but the best and is back to her home ground real soon.

If you wish to donate please get in touch with me as we will still need more funds for her.

During all of this the 2 people that were on ground – Vinod and Avinash ‘ God bless you both in abundance.

Vinod for giving her space at perforce and never saying no to an animal in need and Avinash for coming with me and being with us at the drs all through.

Please wish our Laila a very speedy recovery and lots of positive and healing vibes her way ♡ Goes without saying that I will be in constant touch with team ResQ to know her progress and will keep you all updated too.I might not be able to see her as often as like and as often as I was ( daily) because ResQ is in Bhugaon and I am the other end of the city.

Thank you to all those who donated for her and thank you for keeping her in your prayers ♡

Please find below pictures …

Laila not eating even chicken which she usually loves 😦
Laila getting saline
The ambulance
Laila inside the ambulance on the way to ResQ
Laila in the car on the way to the vet
Laila on drip . Avinash holding her.
Bill paid for the drip
We’re telling each other ” it’s going to be alright”
The very loose green motions with tape worms 😦

14th May 2017 

Laila is still at ResQ . She is recovering slowly but steadily. She has had 3 sessions of chemotherapy by now. She is eating fine .

Unfortunately due to some personal commitments and also because I live at the other end of town I haven’t been able to visit her in person but kind souls like you all have beenough helping me through by visiting her .

Thank you Anjali and thank you Katya for visiting her and giving me updates on her.

Thank you so much Neha (owner of Resq) for personally having a conversation with me and giving me an update on Laila. Much much apprI cited. 

Rs 10,000 has been donated to Resq and below is the receipt and her health record sent to me by Neha.

Please continue to pray for Laila and let’s hope she is back to her home ground real soon ♡

Laila- update 5 – still at ResQ – recovering

Anjali has bee  very kind and has been helping me with updates on Laila as she visits Resq often. Thank you Anjali.  We eagerly wait for you to tell us about Laila week after week.

Thank you Neha ( director -Resq) for personally giving me this update on Laila.

She is at level 2..which is good recovery. When she reaches 3 that’s when she has recovered and will be released after spaying to her home ground.

Please continue your prayers while Laila recovers. We love you Laila. Lots of prayers and healing vibes your way.

Monday 5th June 

We don’t have good news. In fact we have sad news . Lailas health has deteriorated 😦

This is the update we have . I also had a word with Neha who told me she was doing extremely well but as cancer is unpredictable and all bodies react differently there is little we can do. My heart is with Laila. Please pray for her recovery and that she finds strength to fight . Once she is back we promise to look after her and feed her.

She is tired she says (I am an animal communicator and had a small conversation with her).. she feels too weak.. but I’ve assured her we are with her and she’s come so far she can’t give up.

Join us in prayer for her. Please.

These are her latest reports .