Raani. .appeared in our society about 8-9 months ago…

One fine day this little cute wandering puppy wandered into our society. We obviously happily accepted her after being unsuccessful in trying to find her mother and siblings .

The society residents as usual had and still have their comments to make .

However the security watchmen took to her very lovingly . Ever since then she has been a part of  our group of security guards who do their duty at the main gate of the society. -Most children love her to bits just like we do ๐Ÿ™‚

She’s fed and well looked after.

We obviously did not want to take a chance of her getting pregnant and run through the whole cycle of heat. .fights.. and puppies .

So , we sent her to PETS FORCE to get spayed .

Canine Control and Care is an organisation who does free operations for street doggies. Of course one can donate if they wish.

Raani was successfully operated upon and stayed at pets force for 5 days with post op care.

She’s well recovered now and we brought her back yesterday-7th June 2016, Tuesday

Oh how happy she was to be back home.. to her territory where she can roam free and gets lots of love โ™ก

Stay healthy Raani .. We love you.

Thank you to VINOD at PETS FORCE once again.