karmanye in print media #petadoption

The intention of such articles in print media is purely to spread awareness. In times where people are appealing to the government for mass stray dog culling, it is important to show the same people the alternatives that are available and perfectly executable. We strongly believe, that taming the stray dogs by feeding them regularly, neutering them for population control and running adoption programs is the long sustaining solution to the increasing population of stray dogs. Along with that, disposal of garbage in the right manner is very important.

We not only condemn those people who think killing all dogs at once is the way to go, but will also obstruct any such movements in every possible way we can. Because such an action is not only heartless, illegal, stupid, foolish, idiotic but also shows that they are just plain lazy and unwillingly to solve the problem in the right manner. If the same solution was applied on humans when population explosion was statistically evident, would it have sold?

Every life is important and has equal right to live. All we need is the right execution and a structured framework. It is just the matter of India as a country and by its legal system enforcing the laws strictly and making sure hospitals and post-op care centres are available all over the country where many third party workers like us, can take their stray dogs and get them spayed. It really cannot be that difficult. But just the sheer unwillingness of the government and lack of love (for all animals alike) among majority of Indians has stopped us from executing this, the right way.

People will pay to watch exotic animals in the zoo, but just because they think dogs, pigs, are an urban menace, they choose to ignore. A menace created by the people themselves, but choose to stay ignorant on the facts. Are these strays any less “of an animal” than the ones “caged” in the zoo? Today a cow is worshiped because of the religion. What fault of the dog is it that he doesnt deserve the same treatment? Why such a discrimination? Because tigers are extinct, there can be conservatories and millions spent on research and breeding. But to attend an existing problem at hand, there are zero fund allocations. Yet, there are many a hands working for this cause. Selflessly. Bearing the wrath of citizens who think because of dog-lovers the problem is escalated, when the situation is just the opposite.

As always, there is nobody to blame. Such is a life. For a human and a dog unlike.

Tell Tail Magazine, Pune, Aug 2015 issue
Tell Tail Magazine, Pune, Aug 2015 issue
Citylights Newspaper, Vimannagar, Pune, Aug 2015 issue
Citylights Newspaper, Vimannagar, Pune, Aug 2015 issue

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