Warm hello to all you wonderful humans!
How many times have you thought to yourself that you want to do some voluntary work or give back in some way but you just can’t seem to make time or maybe don’t know how and where to start. This is your opportunity to help me help you 🙂

I have been feeding and looking after doggies for a while now.. and they seem to be spreading the word about me. The pack now has 10 dogs who I feed daily and am working towards getting them sterilized. Three are sterilized and one died at the hospital recently leaving behind 5 puppies 😦 . I feel responsible towards them too.
This is an appeal to you … if you please..to request you to contribute any amount you may think worthy for this noble cause.Each tiny contribution will be a step up. I want to help as many doggies n puppies as I can but surely cannot do it all on my own. So here I am promising to work for you if you can help out with a promised sum each month. I will send you pictures and updates regularly if you wish too.
Do get in touch with me if it tugs at your heartstrings and we can surely discuss further.
Thank you and God bless you.
Love n woofs
“Love for woofs”