Heart aches. Prayers reach out to her. Our most affectionate, beloved dog passed away of what seems like a snake bite. What, How, Why, none of it matters and none of it reasons the sudden passing of Blackie, Rajlaxmi. She was brave. Very brave. She had walked into a territory already guarded by 5 adults dogs. Laid a litter of 5 pups, protecting them, nurturing them, feeding them, guarding them from humans and stray animals. Was taking very good care of them, so graciously that humans could take a few tips on motherhood. Within a few days, a dog that used to aggressively bark and fiercely protect her pups, had grown so close to us, showering us with love, hugs, licks, playful antics. Nothing of that will ever erase from our hearts. We will so miss her. There is and never will be another dog like her.

Somewhere, we so blame ourselves, that we are still unable establish a fool proof system for dogs to  get operated. In spite of utmost care during the operation and a strict supervision during the post-op medicare, what’s inevitable, always happens. What all factors can one control, makes us wonder.  In a country which thinks stray dogs are a menace, a country where an equal number of dog lovers fight the system for their rights, there are so little arrangements to take care of this situation. Its pitiful. And this helplessness is frustrating. Animal birth control program suddenly feels like a huge risk, a necessary one, but yet not worthy of a dog’s life. Certainly not Blackie’s.

God bless her. In prayers, sleep well Blackie Jr. Indeed the queen of wealth, the wealth of love. Rajlaxmi.