Alike many farmers in India, Anant Ramchandra Haridas, lives in a home that is setup of dried cow dung floor, stacked brick walls with hay and unbaked tiles to the ceiling cover. Anant and his family (wife, 2 children and mother) own a small piece of land where they grow grains and vegetables. They are self sufficient in the sense that they produce enough for their own consumption as well as to sell and make about Rs 5000 to 6000 every month for other expenses. That includes the odd day jobs he has to pursue to steadily maintain the monthly income. Certainly everything seems merry, until something gruesome and an unfair disease called Cancer strikes. And it strikes hard.

Anant was diagnosed of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in February 2014. The Cancer is detected to be in its second stage and treatable, he needs to undergo chemotherapy and complete blood function tests every 3 months. The doctors recommend that the treatment would continue till Anant’s blood function improves, 4 sessions split over 6 months. More if required. And then tests every 6 months for the next 3 years.

We seek financial assistance in  the order of 2 lac rupees, a one time donation to the patient to take care of his medical bills. This is the figure we pre-empt as of today, considering today;s reports & charts and the course of treatment undertaken, but only time can tell if we will need to spend more.

karmanye takes up his case because it seems extremely unfair and unreasonable for a disease like Cancer to actually challenge a family financially. Else if illness had to strike hard, it could have rather taken up Anant’s life. But the suffering of going through the disease, knowing that you can be healed, but you just can’t help it, because you got no money, feels frustrating.

This 48 years old adult is the karta of his family. The future livelihood of the whole family depends on his health and lifespan. We are not just helping Anant survive the Cancer, but in fact helping the family retain its only source of  income. The amount we seek as donations is not significant. If many hands join the cause, we should be able to raise the sum pretty quickly. We earnestly request all donors to  get in touch with us to take this further.

Thank you!

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More on Anant & his family:

Anant has 1 daughter (younger) and 1 son (elder). His son is pursuing 12th Arts and wants to start working soon to yield some income to the family. His daughter is pursuing 11th, Science, scored 77% in the 10th boards; won scholarship for higher education, though not enough. Future education is unplanned, because it depends on family’s financial position. Whereas she dreams of pursuing the B.Pharm course, again, to make her eligible to get a job where they live.

Anant’s wife has been a ailing person. 6 months past their marriage, she was diagnosed of TB. They spent nearly their entire savings on its treatment. 6 years later after their children were born, her TB struck once again, though milder the second time. While Anant was being treated about 4 months ago (MAR 2014), his wife was detected with a problem of muscle contraction of the wind pipe. She gets severe attacks of asthma and intense breathlessness and has to be administered medicines for the lungs immediately. They have held-up her advanced treatment, because they can treat either Anant or the wife, with the kind of funds they have.

Anant’s mother gets pension, against which they have already drawn loan for this treatment, Rs. 25,000. Anant has also drawn loan from bank 90,000 at 12% for payment of hospital bills. EMIs have already started with penalities. So far they have spent about 1.2 lacs on various tests, hospital admissions, and mostly on medicines & therapy. His extended family (2 sisters, married) help them with day to day expenses, including providing ration, kiraana etc.

Anant stays about 2/3 hours from Kolhapur, interior regions of Sindhudurg, so for every chemotherapy session he needs to visit the hospital and stay over for a night. We have already spoken to Dr. Vijay Hirani and he has been quite co-operative in this case. The hospital is already providing the medicines to Anant at 60% of MRP, ordering directly from the companies. The doctors have already waived their own fees immediately after they realized the situation.

In conclusion, Anant and his family, have been struck with misfortune. The extreme of it.
Our prayers reach out to him and his family and we sincerely hope our efforts can help him in any manner possible.
Many families in India, or possibly all over the world, like that of Anant’s might be suffering in disgust. It is so disturbing to know how helpless life could make you feel. Its enraging, frustrating, saddening, and so much more, at the same time.

Donate directly to the patient:

We always insist and encourage all donors to contribute their sum to the karmanye team (DONATE), in order to control the disbursal of funds on procuring correct receipts from hospital for treatment and medicines. But you could always donate the sum directly to the patient. If you do so, please do just let us know the amount that you would have donated (name, address, date, amount). It helps us to keep records and let everybody know when we have enough and when we may not need more.

  • Outstanding bank loan: Rs. 100,000, from HDFC, at 12%, EMIs have started
  • Outstanding loan from relatives: Rs. 35,000 (as on 13th August 2014)
  • Outstanding loan against pension: Rs. 25,000
  • Medical bills already incurred: Rs. 1,33,000 (as on 13th August 2014)

Donation: Chasing target: Rs. 2,00,000

Please talk to Anant and check on his health, recovery progress and family members: Phone: +91-95617-13651 – certain, that monetary help is important, but what words of compassion can do, nothing else can

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