The day began early morning with a frantic call from a good Samaritan who could hear the cries of a dog on the road behind her society. Half in my sleep i said let me see what i can do and asked for pics or videos. . I’m not going to post them here because they are gruesome and heartbreaking .
Rushed to the spot to see my Kalu lying helpless and in tremendous pain that he was just screaming for his life.

A few good hearted people gathered and helped me to put him in my car. Rushed him to an emergency hospital.

My brave boy held it together till we reached the hospital. Till the table. And then he just could not take it anymore and breathed his last. ๏’”

I’m okay if a dog dies of natural causes and it’s acceptable if they move on…but it’s NOT ok when it’s because of human apathy … clearly he was in an accident and the person who did this did not bother…

Yet, there’s no other choice but to accept that Kalu is not amongst us anymore.

Rest in everlasting peace my sweet boy. I will always always remember and miss your face rubs on my leg when you wanted some loving ๏’œ you will forever remain in my heart..

Run free and painless Kalu.
2017- May 2023.

I love you.

With love
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