I went to meet Pillu today . Such a sweet sweet boy.. he has my heart ❤️

Pillu was admitted to the hospital with full paralysis and then diagnosed with Tick bite paralysis-.. he has been admitted since the past two weeks now and is being looked after so so well by the best we have in Pune @raintreevet

They are doing their best to get Pillu back on his legs.. acupuncture, physiotherapy, EStim and so much more.
As soon as his wounds heal, (caused by dragging on the hard floor in the shelter he was in previously) he will be given hydrotherapy and that will hopefully speed up his progress.

There is good progress upto now. He’s wagging his tail, lifting his head and even moving his hind legs…which wasn’t the case at all when he was admitted…another 15-20 days and we hope to see even more improvement and hoepfully release 🙏💞🐾

I am finding it very very difficult to afford his treatment but i also know he will not get this much care and love and treatment anywhere else and that is why i am determined to keep him here and ensure he is back to his territory where he is very loved, very soon.

Thank you everyone at Raintree for being the beautiful compassionate humans you all are besides being super vets 💞🙏

The universe has always been kind and i know she won’t be any different this time 😊

Please please share this donation appeal and help Pillu through his recovery 🙏

The costs incurred till today are all mentioned in the reel
Approximately a total of 40,000/-+ has already been spent.
Incase you do want the detailed bill please feel free to Ping me and i shall send it over.

Please GPAY on 9923334246 if you wish to help Pillu 🙏❤️🐾

Thank you
In gratitude
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