She’s HOME!! Back to where she belongs and she’s so happy 😊 touchwood 🧿❤️ she’s back after a good whole 5 months!

She’s a tripod now but she’s doing well.. please keep her in your prayers and wish her well..that she may have a long healthy and happy life.

I will be meeting her twice daily..for the first week will go thrice…

A huge thank you to Balu and Ekta who did so so much for this girl. She received so much love and care from them that I’m sure she’s going to miss them but this decision we took to release her back into her territory was for her best.. 🤞

A huge thank you to the amazing vets at Raintree clinic who diagnosed her issue on point and were the only ones who understood her issue in depth and took the effort to explain the same to me as well. Lots of love and good wishes always 🤗 ❤️
Thank you to each one of you for all the help extended for her would definitely not have been possible without you.
There are bills still pending but this post is a happy one about Whitey’s homecoming.. will post the bills another day 🤗
Thank you again
Much love and gratitude
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