Rumi needs our help 🙏He’s very unwell and hence abandoned by his so called family. Details in the post 🙏


This is RUMIs heartbreaking sad story and the truth of humanity!!

Rumi is an extremely loving, handsome young dog. He guards and belongs to a bungalow in one of the areas i feed. That bungalow then turned into a big marriage lawn and hall and Rumi continued to live there as their pet.

Since I go there regularly, Rumi became one of my feeding dogs who i happily fed.. because..why not .. so i have known Rumi since 3-4 years.

Now since the last 3-4 days Rumi has been looking under the weather and stopped eating. I informed the caretaker and even the owner and they kept saying we will see we will see and now they have ABANDONED the innocent child and say let whatever has to happen -happen, we don’t have the money!! Really? Such a HUGE marriage hall where marriages take place daily…you don’t have a few thousands to spend on your own pet???

Rumi has been detected with Distemper and there is no other option but to use the extremely expensive CANGLOB D which can save his life. Each injection costs Rs 3500 and he needs a minimum of 5!

Can you sponsor just one injection for Rumi?? If not a whole one , even a part of it will do ..🙏
There is vets fees and foster fees at 400/- a day too 🥺

As always I’m trusting the universe to provide 🙏

Please share this post and help Rumi get through this?! 🥺
Help me help Rumi, please ? 🙏
Gpay on 9923334246. Or you can pay the vet directly too i will provide details.

Thank you in advance
In gratitude
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