1. Whitey was misdiagnosed- we wasted a whole month with physio and laser treatment which only worsened her condition

2. She is NOT paralysed

3. She has something called a Spirocerca lump-
Spirocerca lupi is the name of a slender reddish worm about 40 mm in length that stays in the dog’s esophagus.
Inside the dog’s stomach the worm larvae break out of their cysts and begin their long migration via the arteries to the aorta just behind the heart. They carry on through the wall of the aorta into the wall of the esophagus where they develop into adults thus completing the process.
Until the worm larvae have reached the aorta there are no symptoms. Once in the aorta, aneurisms (saclike protrusions in the artery wall) may develop that can lead to thrombosis and embolism of the back legs presenting as pain and lameness in the affected limb.

4. With a proper line of treatment (and lots of expenses) she is now WALKING and using three legs!

5. Spirocerca has affected one of her limbs and she’s not using that leg at all. It’s even knuckling so the best option we have is to AMPUTATE it.

6. Her surgery is scheduled for Friday, 2nd December which will cost an additional Rs 20,000

7. Plus foster care charges which are Rs 500 a day +transport charges to and fro to the clinic

8. Attached are all her bills upto now..

We are looking at raising around Rs.80,000
Her bills are almost already reaching more than half of that and she has another month or so to go post surgery and treatment in private foster

Absolutely no idea how that will happen, but u trust the universe and whitey’s luck..

She’s a sweet sweet young dog and deserves a pain-free and happy life!
Plus there are other cases in handling

Please help us help Whitey 🙏❣️

Gpay any amount possible to 9923334246

Thank you in advance 💟
In gratitude
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