JABYA’S UNFORTUNATE STORY – Neuter surgery gone wrong at a popular shelter!

Jabya was sent for sterilisation about 2 months ago along with 5 of my other streeties.
They were released 6 days after their surgery because it was monsoon season and i wanted them to stay a day or two extra as i could see in the pics that were sent to me that their stitches had not dried.
Nevertheless, they were released and sure enough two days later i noticed pus and a mess near his suture site. I sent him back and it took almost another month and a half for him to supposedly heal. He was released to his territory again.I kept a close watch because I sensed something wasn’t right.

He stopped eating two days after he came back and would get into the peeing position but there would be no pee coming out and he would just look fazed out.
Picked him up the second day when i saw this happening and took him to the vet.

Just look at what the sonography revealed. His bladder was so distended that it could have burst any minute and that would cause further complications and could even be fatal. All his organs were pushed away because the bladder had gotten so big! Imagine his discomfort!

They got about 160 ml of pee out of him by inserting a catheter and sent us ahead to a more equipped clinic to do a USG and further tests.
What it revealed has shaken me to the core!! This poor boys urethral pipe has been stitched up during the neutering suturing . It has been damaged and that is why he is unable to pee!

I had no choice but to admit him in the same clinic where a surgery was performed on him . A catheter has been stapled now and he is on meds and diapers all day and night. the damage needs to heal and hopefully he will be then able to pee by himself. He needs to be admitted like this for a minimum of 15 days!
It’s costing me Rs 2500 per day with stay food and medication . The first day bill has been attached here from both clinics and the total of just day 1 was approximately Rs 22,000 .
Where am I going to get the funds from?
For a botched up surgery for no fault of poor JABYA’S!!!
I am on the lookout for a foster for this boy. All he needs is a clean place ,change of diapers thrice a day, medication will be provided. Just putting it out here incase we are lucky and the universe does help us out with a foster 🙏

Please please come forward and help Jabya recover
Gpay on 9923334246 🙏🏽

Do please send Jabya some love and healing 💜🙏

Thank you in advance
In gratitude

Ps -Dr Chetan Vanjari we miss you so much 😦

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