Such tiny lives and so much they’ve gone through already…Being born on the streets is not their choice. Please remember that.

Izzy is one of the 9 pups who was abandoned in the dead of a heavy monsoon night with their mother in one of the areas i feed…

Looks like Izzy was hit by a vehicle or no idea what but just see that break 💔 SWIPE to see the xray…

It’s at such a spot where we can’t even put a plaster .. so she’s on calcium supplements and painkillers along with cage rest.
She will take at least 4 weeks to recover and heal. We are not going in for the surgery option because she is just too tiny..
Since she is so young, her bones will fuse and she will walk pain free again. She won’t have a perfect walk but she will not be in pain for sure.
Sometimes we got to take practical decisions and hope for the best .

Izzy’s stay is going to cost Rs 300 a day. She needs to be there for at least 30-35 days. That’s Rs 9,000 to a minimum+meds+x-rays+transport.
As always, all bills will be posted.

Please help Izzy 🙏
Gpay on 9923334246

In gratitude
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