There have been so many ongoing cases and so much to do simultaneously that i haven’t had the energy to even write posts.

It’s exhausting to sit and even write now.

Daboo was detected with Parvo and admitted to Animal Ark. His treatment started off as soon as he reached there.
He was administered Canglob P which is the only medicine that can save animals from severe parvo. Each vile costs Rs 3700. How does one say no in such a case right ? We do all it takes to save innocent beautiful lives.
Time and again I wonder if we as humans interfere a bit much and don’t let nature take it’s course…but seeing a puppy this tiny suffer this much is impossible and hence action is taken and will always be taken..

Daboo has a family who he belongs to but they cannot afford treatment to this extent. The lady of the home called me crying on the phone asking for help for her Daboo.

The good news is Daboo has recovered and is back home with his family. He has lost a lot of weight, because that’s what Parvo does but he will be healthy soon as we are trying our best to provide good food as well.

The bills you see here are his hospital bills, it’s these + transport Rs 3000 to and fro+ food approx Rs 2000.

Total as of now Rs 18260.
No we don’t have funds flowing. No we don’t have money that grows on trees.
No Dabbo is not the only case we are handling
We need your help.

Pls Gpay on 9923334246

Tired ..
In gratitude, always,
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