After a whole month and 6 days , our sweet sweet boy, Pillya is finally back home to his village – Rahuri .

Pillya has recovered beautifully and is happily prancing around on his three legs! My gorgeous tripod …he’s such a happy soul..there is so so so much we can learn from animals!
Their resilience and strength is beyond what we humans can ever bear…
Just look at him…he’s so happy to be back to his people, his space and his people are also so happy to have him back…

They don’t have enough money and means to survive themselves but they do the best they can for Pillya…such humans give me hope and i thank the universe for them…

Be happy Pillu…stay happy..stay blessed and live a long long long healthy life with your family..
You are blessed and how!!

We spent Rs 49,321 totally on Pillyas recovery. This includes his amputation surgery,neutering and the transport to and fro as well.

We have received around Rs.20,000 in donation for his case . A huge huge thank you to all those who donated for Pillya…lots n lots of love and blessings to you all ❤️

Please please open your hearts and help us with his bills 🙏

I work as hard as i can with my small business Hózhó Dreamcatchers only and only for my animals..So around Rs.12,000 has been raised from there as well..

We are short of Rs 17,321 ..

Please Gpay on 9923334246 if you would like to help Pillya 🙏

Send him all your love and good wishes for his life ahead 🤗

Thank you Animal Ark Veterinary Multispecialty for being phenomenal as always !!
In gratitude, always,
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